First of all, let me just say that Rune Dice are not a historical artifact. They are modern inventions, and there are numerous permutations and ways of using them, so I encourage you to research and develop a method that works well for you.

This page explains how I set up the configuration of my dice, to help you understand how they might be used in your own practice.

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The Four Dice

Each die is inscribed with six runes.





The Six Areas of Concern

Each die loosely contains one each of six areas of concern: Boon, Challenge, Action, Time, Race, and Luck. This equals four runes of each area.







In a Reading

I experimented with many different configurations for each Rune Dice set, and I found that other sets tend to double-up meanings, or throw nonsensical readings fairly often. My final arrangement helped balance out the readings and made more sense as far as randomizing the runes you could roll with the dice. It also allows for grouping runes for a stronger reading dealing specifically with an area of concern.

The dice are designed so that you can throw a single die for a simple reading, or throw all four for a more in-depth one. I have also seen other readers throw sets of dice in multiple succession for longer, more detailed insights. How you use them will be determined by the meanings you attribute to each rune, and how many runes you typically use in a reading.

Boon Runes

The runes everyone wants to see. The boons walk us through the stages of gain in our lives. We plant the seeds, then watch them grow. Finally, the plants bear fruit, and then we maintain and nurture them.

  Abundance. Planting seeds of the future and time for relaxation.

  Growth. Rejuvenation, regeneration, and beginnings.

  Success. The realm of social and financial increase.

  Balance. Gifts, contracts, and relationships.

The Challenges

Challenges can be boons, too, if we keep an objective outlook. Through adversity, we develop new skills and realise new strengths. Without hardship, the opposite cannot exist.

  Strength. A time to develop the energy and tenacity to weather changes.

  Patience. Frustration. A time when our mind is our worst enemy.

  Conflict. Delay. A time to face our fears and overcome.

  Destruction. Trials. A time to test our resolve and tear down old habits.

Action Runes

Every goal requires planning, effort, and follow through. The action runes suggest how to proceed.

Leadership. Take charge and play to your strengths.

Teamwork. Move as a whole and make steady progress.

Protection. Defend your position and step up on behalf others.

Evolution. Take a larger perspective and make changes.

Runes of Time

Perhaps the hardest of the runes to pin down in a reading, time can seem to work for us or against us. Whether linear, cyclical, or all-at-once, our concept of time can make or break a project, goal, or endeavor.

Dawn. Make plans. The time to embark on something new.

Day. Positive change. The time to wield your power.

Dream. The unknown. The time to go with the flow.

Harvest. Shifting seasons. The time to enjoy what you’ve earned.

The Four Races

The race runes represent the building blocks of our experience in Miðgarðr. The ebb and flow, contrast and blending of these forces drive how our lives unfold.

 Humans. The mundane, every day physical world. Practicality.

 Gods. The divine, ethereal world. Spirituality.

 Giants. The raw, chaotic elements. Change.

 Norns. The unknown threads of our lives. Fate and destiny.

Luck Runes

Luck encompasses everything from spiritual health to the power of the Ancestors in influencing a current state. To the ancient Norse, luck was an important aspect of a clan’s soul and power in the world. I consider luck in these readings to be a persistent condition of the clan, tribe, or kinship as a whole. Some luck builds through successive generations of kin, whereas other forms of luck are tied to the associations a person makes through friends or business.

  Tenacity. The luck of determination, endurance, and drive.

  Creation. The luck of inspiration and making your own way.

  Joy. The luck of happiness, contentment, and fulfillment.

  Heritage. The luck of physical belongings and material gains.