Rustic charm for the festive holidays, or for adorning your altar or sacred space! Each ornament is made from your choice of solid woods, or cedar slices complete with bark. Engraved, strung with natural hemp cord and protected with your choice hand finish.

Imagery is totally up to you. Runestaves, Nordic symbols, Celtic knots, and mythic symbols are popular – tree leaves, maps, and other natural objects are also welcome! Add your own text for a personal touch. Family names, given names, god names – whatever you like. You can also choose the Younger or Elder Futhark rune alphabet. Not sure which you’d prefer? You can have a proof in both. If you have an idea what you’d like, let me know, or I can develop some imagery for you.

You’ll receive a proof before work begins, so you know you’ll be happy with the artwork you’ve chosen.

Base price: $30 CAD for 4

(Please note: work will not begin until the proof is finalised – this may extend the production timeline).