The altars of our gods embody their power, strength and influence. They should be both beautiful and grand in appearance.

Every board is a unique, striking example of what nature can produce, with rich colours and textures throughout the wood. Detailed and austere engravings create borders and boundaries within your sacred space.

Portable or permanent. Beautiful on all sides. Used alone or as a focal point on a larger altar. Honour and celebrate the gods!

You get to choose the imagery that speaks to you, and the type of wood that you feel would enrich your devotional space – as well as the degree of raw natural features the board contains. Designs can be engraved or woodburned by hand, and the finish can be dramatic gloss, subtle satin, environmentally friendly tung oil, or a food safe oil.

You’ll receive a proof before work begins, so you know you’ll be happy with the artwork you’ve chosen.

Prices can fluctuate wildly depending on the wood species and the size of the board, but decorative details and finishes are all included.

(Please note: work will not begin until the proof is finalised – this may extend the production timeline).