Paganism is a belief system built around action and living out our ideals. Whether it is actively building a healthy community, or living as an example for younger generations, the pagan path has always been a work in progress towards a better world.

As Heathens our stories are filled with an underlying theme of the gods fighting to save humanity and the Earth from the destructive forces of chaos. To ignore our part in this struggle is a great disservice – not only to our honoured gods, but to ourselves and those who come after us.

Leaving a better world in our wake should be of the utmost importance. Without a healthy planet, the gods – like all life – will die out. Without us to be their hands in the world, the gods can do little in the way of changing the way the planet is used. A spiritual practice that doesn’t incorporate a concern for the physical world should, at the very least, be suspect. We are the custodians of the Earth. Keeping chaos at bay is a priority.

Our kindred works hard to maintain as green a life as possible, with as little impact on the planet as we are able. While individuals and families can make only a tiny impact alone, together we are legion. The enormous corporations responsible for pollution, global warming, and toxic business practices eventually bend to public pressure. The governments responsible for greenlighting their practices can be replaced with enough votes.

We have power.



Ýdalir is committed to not only supporting our friends and family through our work, but also to putting our money where our mouths are.

We donate regularly to the organisations listed below. We also donate time and resources to these causes, lending our skills where we can, and our hands and people-power where it’s needed. Never under-estimate the power of signing petitions, and voting in your local and federal elections! On top of these amazing organisations, we also donate to local groups and individuals with whom we feel synchronicity.

We strongly urge you all to put your spiritual beliefs into physical practice! Ecology and environmentalism are at the heart of pagan tradition. Do your part to help others in any way you can – whether through donating time or through donating money to a worthy cause that’s important to you.


World Wildlife Foundation

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer

David Suzuki Foundation

Kiss the Ground

Toronto Wildlife Centre