What does “Norðanverðulfr” mean, anyway?

Good question. We think it means “Northern Wolf.” I say think because I’m not an expert in Old Norse, and so our clumsy word-stringing might end up being something entirely different, or at the very least grammatically incorrect. For now though it’s Northern Wolf, which is … super awesome.

In fact, don’t even bother telling us it’s not right. We don’t want to know.


So, as I (hello, Brig here) have studied a bit more, it seems that the name is mostly correct, with a grammatical mistake. The word should be Norðanverðǫlfr or Norðanverðölfr, depending on your preferred pronunciation (Old Norse or Icelandic). So there’s that.

How do you pronounce that?

For our purposes, the letter “ð” is pronounced as a “th.” No one is going to make fun of you for pronouncing them as d’s though. Not to your face.

Wait … there are two of you?

Yes, we are a couple and we each contribute to various portions of the website. The majority of the editing is done by me (Brig) and so when you see “I” you can pretty safely assume that it’s me (Brig again) speaking. When you see “us” or “our” you are now aware of why that is. See the About page for more.



I haven’t received an email about my question – did you forget about me?

Never! But this happens a lot. Please check your spam folders! If we send you an email, it will have whatever subject line you entered into the contact form. These types of emails have a tendency to land in spam/junk folders pretty often, so make sure to check there.



Are you on Facebook?

Oh hell yes! And we’d LOVE to see you there! Join us here: Nordanverdulfr. We decided not to be on Twitter, YouTube, or various other social networking platforms, simply because we’d be spending all day updating all of the sites and not getting any other work done, or having lives of any sort.

I was once addicted to Twitter and can’t go back. *wink*. I may be on Instagram soonish, to plug my woodworking projects.

Can I link to your articles or website?

Gosh really?  We’d be honoured! And thank you so much! Basically, we both encourage linking and sharing. We only require credit for our work, which should pretty much be standard practice and net etiquette by now. If we like you, too, we might add you to something in return.

Can I send you something to review?

Sure. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee we’ll absolutely love whatever it is – and we’ll only write about things we just love. If you want to send us free junk we almost certainly won’t write about it.

Sample products we won’t write about include: coupons, cleaning supplies, stuff that involves math, gym memberships, and weight loss shenanigans. Things we might write about: red wines, white wines, things actually related to the subject matter of our site, and whiskey. Especially whiskey.



I’m offended by your bluntness and swearing – can you knock it off?

Nope. We do seriously try to hold back, so what you’re seeing is only the tip of the iceberg as far as what we’re capable of. We’ve never tried to hide the fact that we are completely and totally human and we have our own vices. If you want a fluffy bunny rainbow-coloured glasses website, then please look elsewhere. We swear like sailors (Brig more than Adam), and that’s who we are. Period.

I’m offended by something you said (or something someone else said) what can I do?

You have options. Bonus!

1. You can get over it. Being offended is not the same thing as being attacked, hurt or being entitled to anything. People will always have differences of opinion. When children come home upset by something another child has said, we tell them to ignore it and move on. The same goes for adults – only more so.

2. You can write us an email presenting an opposing view, new information or a thought-out and rational response. We both do actually enjoy lively discourse and celebrate diverse viewpoints! We’re not know-it-all’s over here.

3. You can post a polite, non-attacking reply explaining your viewpoint. We encourage discussion, but we will gleefully delete any intentionally aggressive, mean-spirited or trolling posts or emails.

4. Should you find an intentionally nasty comment, please do not hesitate to let us know! We will quickly review it and delete it if necessary. We believe in kindness at all times!

But it’s important …

If you have a business, personal, spiritual, creative or a similar kind of question, you can certainly email us.

We are not experts in most fields discussed on this website – we’re students of life, just like everyone else. If an expert’s help would be more appropriate for your specific concerns, we would be happy to try and direct you to the appropriate people, forums, or services.

Most importantly, we are simply only qualified to dispense our own opinions and information related to our own interests. Just enjoy!