The “Yew Dales” are the remote, Northern home of the Norse god Ullr, a master archer and renowned skier. Ullr and his realm have always been associated with integrity, honour, and precision. His name literally means “Glory” and he is a patron to anyone who loves Winter sports, hunting, and ranging through the beautiful wilderness in search of majestic scenery.


Brigón Munkholm

I am a custom fine furniture and cabinet maker based in Toronto. I work alone and build each and every piece by hand, paying particular attention to the finishing process. My work is uncluttered and modern, with rustic embellishments and solid joinery. I like to let the wood speak for itself, leaving the natural grain to inspire or impress with its depth, colour, and pattern.

My family background has always been very important to me. Exploring the rich mythologies, sagas, and traditions of my Danish, Slovakian, and Irish ancestors continues to influence my designs, and each hand-crafted piece has a modern tale to tell about the ancient people of the North.

Whether you are descended from the Northmen and want a custom piece that speaks to your heritage, or you find the ancient Northern cultures as fascinating as I do, I would be happy to explore how we can tell your story in wood!